Our Food

  • We specialise in creating the best breakfasts, brunches and lunches by sourcing the highest quality, local and ethically sustainable produce from within Sussex using the local producers and seasons as inspiration for our dishes. Our beverages are also sourced as ethically and locally as possible but with flavour and experience for our customers as our number one priority. We cater for a wide variety of dietary requirements including gluten and dairy intolerance as well as dietary choices such as vegan and vegetarian.

    Posted: Mar 02

    Our Ethos

    At V&H Café we are committed to supporting small, local, high end producers of all things to do with food [...]

  • Posted: Mar 30

    Our Suppliers

    We work closely with dozens of local, small- scale, high welfare, ethical suppliers. V&H believe that in turn this improves the accessibility and availability of [...]